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M A R E A S 53º46’47’’S / 67º40’16’’W
[T I D E S 53º46’47’’S / 67º40’16’’W]

Installation art Mareas [Tides] consists of photography, video, and tide tables submitted to art intervention. It is the register of low tides taken between 2014 and 2016.

Initially, I sought the horizon line, and as time went by, I started to deprive the image of information: color, complex skies, as well as the sounds and movements waves have. This led me to search for situations where the tide is at its lowest point, which in turn made me resort to tide tables. I consider that is the moment when the horizon gains the most strength. I always take the pictures on the same spot.

I am interested in exploring the tension produced by that line in the center of the image, and in exploring the connection between this and the restlessness that these desolate, calm spaces provoke. It seems there are no concepts to discover or reveal a priori; however, I believe that this immense calm gives rise to silence, and silence evolves into a sort of inner conversation. The landscape inquires and it is that tension that I am interested in.

Mareas 53º46’47”S / 67º40’16”W
Río Grande, Argentina / HD Video / Loop 2’03” / 2015